A person who is appreciated will always do more than is expected. Appreciating and rewarding is a great approach to celebrate hard work and success especially in a student’s school life. It might be a certificate or an award for everyone else, but the ones who are appreciated look upon it as an honour.

Awards and accolades are pivotal in a student’s life. Like reprimanding and correcting a student’s fault, recognizing a student’s success is also necessary. Even the slightest recognition works as a great motivation for the students and encourages them to work even harder and sincerely. Recognizing students with awards and certificates make them and their work stand out which again motivates them and attracts other students to work harder.

A school that takes pride in rewarding its students for their hard work and achievement must always be taken into consideration. SIPS is one such example. Students here are allowed to not only perform in Academics, Sports, Visual Arts, Science and technology, debates, and conservation of the environment but also are recognized and rewarded for the same.

Here are a few reasons why you should reward students for their efforts:
Self-confidence – Rewarding someone for their work directly increases their level of self-confidence. It makes them aware of their capabilities and makes them assertive enough to stay consistent until they reach the top.
Sense of accomplishment – A sense of relief that the assigned task was completed and their hard work didn’t go in vain gets inbuilt in the students. And with this thought, the mindset gets better and besides that, they also receive what we all constantly seek, acceptance!

Overwhelming respect – Rewarded students get genuine appreciation and respect for just doing their best. This feeling is priceless and to keep experiencing it they get a reason to always give their best in everything they do.
Inclination towards learning – Success when appreciated turns into motivation which brings along with it zeal and enthusiasm to learn new things because how much you learn and work determines how far you will go.

Awards and accolades vastly influence students even after their school life. Apart from being just mementos and symbols of their achievements and appreciations, they also contribute to their career. They stand as proof of how dedicated and sincere students they were in the task assigned to them. It leaves a positive impression on the employer and provides great opportunities to the students in terms of jobs and internships.

Recognizing student certificates and awards like outstanding student awards, discipline awards, etc, updating the achievement boards both on-premises and the online portal, verbally congratulating the parents and the students are some ways of celebrating students’ success and achievements. Amidst recognizing students’ success, schools must also encourage others to give their best in whatever they do instead of just doing it for the award.