Brief History of the school

To fulfill the dreams of the society, initially, the school was raised to impart primary level education to students of Nokha town only. The school was housed in a rented building and starts functioning w.e.f. 01st July 2010. With the passage of time, the school was upgraded to Upper primary. However, a momentous event happened when school owned its own building and starts functioning w.e.f 29th June 2016. With the progress of the school started enrolling the students from the various town of Nokha surroundings. The great achievement is that the school has joined the school has joined the group of secondary schools affiliated to CBSE with the effect of session i.e.01April 2016.

The vision of the school is that it would be a full fledge +2 level CBSE school in the days to come i.e. 2019


It is our objectics not only to peruse academic excellence but also to motivate and console our children to lifelong learner.
  • To impart quality and value-oriented education to the children
  • To nurture the talent, skill, and abilities of the children and provide them with a platform to think express and exhibit their skills
  • To develop a great sense of responsibility discipline and moral values among the children within the ever-changing social norms of society
  • To organize the various CCA activities for the all-round development of the children
  • To develop the skill and sound attitude of the students to make them civilized refine cultured and educated
  • To form children into human persons committed work for the creation of human communities of love, fellowship freedom justice, and harmony
  • To develop creative thinking, critical thinking decision-making problem solving and communication skills among the children.
  • To create the congenial atmosphere conducive climate smooth and efficient functioning of the school

Salient Features Faculty

Sanskar International Public  Sr. Sec. School administrators and faculty usually make a priority because community teaches students so many life lessons. Sanskar International Public Sr. Sec. School’s faculty tries to produce talented individuals who are aware of the world around them. Even more importantly, they are taught to respect the rights and opinions of others

School doesn’t mean that its students become faceless, uniform robots who all act and think the same. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Sanskar International Public School’s teachers and management encourage individuality and uniqueness of all students. They also respect those same attributes and qualities in their various members.

Our Faculty at Sanskar International Public Sr. Sec.  School comprises a group of dedicated and talented individuals in each of their fields all sharing the same vision for education for the 21st century. Each member of both our faculty and staff is committed to the support of each and every student as members of our community.


The Purpose of a School Library. to provide a flexible space with a wide and inclusive range of resources to support learning and teaching throughout the school. to have a vibrant role in the development of a culture that promotes wider reading, motivated readers and learners for life.

The School has well equipped air-conditioned and computerized libraries, with aproxmetly 10000 volumes which include books, videos, DVDs, CDs, various subscriptions to periodicals which are added to continually. The library also provides students and teachers with a range of reference books, encyclopedia, journals and newspapers and internet facilities to enrich their classroom activities and knowledge. The Learning Centre with its enlarged Library and separate Reading Rooms has a Resource Room with a 60 seater audio-visual center and a full sized projection screen. Pre-primary to class XII also have the access to   library .Well known writers are invited regularly to read from their works. All new books are arranged on a display table in the library for a month and reviews put up on the Notice Board. Our specially trained Librarian organizes the Library Week with book readings, designing book jackets & book marks and writing book reviews.

Computer Science Lab

The School lays emphasis on computer education from classes I to X. In classes XI to XII, Computer Science and Informatics Practices are one of the optional subjects. The School has computer lab, equipped with state of the art latest technology. The students are encouraged to use the internet. Computer Lab Consisting of 20 Computers, duly upgraded, is established. A Broadband line is extended for use of Internet service. All computers are on LAN. Computer Lab 08 Classrooms with adequate material have been made available for use as Smart Class Rooms.

Science Laboratory

 (A) Biotechnology Lab. Realizing this potential impact of biotechnology SIPS has established biotech lab in the year 20016.

It is a hi-tech lab well equipped with all modern instruments like submarine electrophoresis. Our able faculty member believes that “You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him discover it” & following this belief we guide the students to discover new vistas.

 (B) Computer Science Lab

The School lays emphasis on computer education from classes I to X. In classes XI to XII, Computer Science and Informatics Practices are one of the optional subjects. The School has computer lab, equipped with state of the art latest technology. The students are encouraged to use the internet.

(C) Chemistry Lab
Our faculty focus on this aspect. To imagine & invent something novel we have well equipped chemistry lab.

The lab consists of instruments like distillation apparatus, centrifuge, viscosity apparatus, Kipps apparatus, balances etc. Various polythene ware, porcelain ware & glass wares like conical flask, burette, pipette, test tubes, and beakers find a place in the lab. Rexin coated charts provide information on. Our qualified faculty member put in maximum efforts so as to develop practical inclination for the subject among the students.

(D) Mathematics Lab
We have  mathematics labs, one for students. Mathematics lab has been developed by the teachers to inculcate analytical and logical thinking among our students. Our Mathematics lab is fully equipped and fosters love for mathematics among the students. The lab also enables teachers to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures and posters.

Our qualified and experienced faculty makes extensive use of the laboratory to explain various concepts and impart a strong practical slant to the entire learning process.

The laboratory also encourages students to think and discuss among themselves as well as with the teacher thus helping assimilate concepts.

(E) Biology Lab
Biology is the science of life. We have well equipped biology lab. Lab is well furnished with instruments like microscope, Haemometer, centrifuge required for various experimental processes.

Lab consists of good collection of charts, slides, colored transparency for better understanding of students. A  hard working faculty makes extensive use of the lab so as to enhance practical inclination of the students towards the subject.

(F) Physics Lab
Our experienced faculty member supports this viewpoint & so we make the best possible efforts to acquaint the students with the practical aspect of the subject. we have well furnished physics lab with the latest technologies.

Lab is well equipped with instruments like Potentiometer, Optical benches, Sonometer, Resonance tube etc. required for various experimental purposes. Time to time, the students are encouraged to make projects & working models so as to inculcate scientific temperament.

Smart Classes

Next Education is a fast-growing, technology-driven company revolutionizing the education system in India.

A large network servicing the whole country

Students progress and parents trust are our life supports  of Sanskar International Public school .

It is the backbone of our guiding philosophy. Our relationship with you does not end with implementation of our products. We believe in building a long-term relationship with you through our continued service and support.

Governed by this philosophy, we provide quick response to your concerns and ensure fast and efficient redressed of all issues. No matter where your school is, an expert from our 800-strong technical support team is always close by.


  • We build optimal solutions. Catering to all academic needs of a learner, our products save parents any ancillary expense. The money thus saved gets re­invested in other aspects of their development.
  • We focus on improving learning outcomes. While trying to meet this objective, our solutions are also designed such that they work in local communities.
  • We are reliable. We guard and conserve our stakeholder’s resources with the same vigilance as we would guard and conserve our own.
  • We are there for the long run. We believe in partnerships with our employees, customers, vendors, governing bodies and other stakeholders to strengthen the ecosystem over a long time horizon.

Remedial Classes

For betterment of the students, special attention is given towards bright students to achieve highest grades, in academics. Special classes are being organized for slow learners during assembly/zero periods.
Hostel facilities are also available for the students coming from different parts of the country. Students are accommodated in four/six seated AC/Non AC Rooms conducive for studying and rest. Adequate ancillaries are available for use by hostelers. The Recreational room is flitted with Plazma TV for the hostellers. The hostel is under the care of a resident warden which offers an excellent environment of living and learning. The school kitchen is managed by the professional cooks.

CCA Activities

Education being the all-round development of the Innate talents of a child, we give as many opportunities as possible to every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. This will help the child to improve and develop his/her various talents and aptitude and also inculcate in him/her a spirit of healthy competition. It will teach him/her to be a more disciplined and organized individual. To promote healthy and competitive spirit among the school children we have inter house competitions conducted under the guidance of the principal and house wardens.

Theme Co-Curricular Activities 2018 – 2019: What is Good for World.


  • Language
  • Music Frame
  • Number work
  • E.T (Child age related games to develop their muscles & strength them)
  • Dance, Music,  and School Band
  • Drawing and Coloring
  • Environmental Science

Senior students

  • Crafts
  • Drawing and Coloring
  • Table Talk
  • Vegetable Carving
  • Best of waste
  • Dance, Music, and School Band
  • Art and craft
  • English
  • Environmental Science
  • YOGA

Games & Sports

SIPS always gives superfluous importance to Games and Sports. A lot of sports and extracurricular activities that are organized from time to time in the schools are helpful in the overall development of the students.

The management never fails to acknowledge the potential of future sports-strengths. The sports facilities provided for the children by the school The boys and girls from the junior sections are distributed in various games. It is scheduled in such a way that they get to learn each game for 1 month and then they move to other games. They join that game throughout the year. Senior students play the game from the very beginning of the session.

Games and sports are compulsory for every student.

Sanskar International Public school has infrastructure for nearly all types of sports activities. Compulsory participation in games keeps the children physically and mentally fit.


NCC stands for the National Cadets Corps which is the Indian military cadet corps. It is headquartered in New Delhi and very frequently invites students from schools.

The NCC aims at developing character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst young citizens. Needless to say, the NCC also provides an environment conducive to motivating young Indians to join the armed forces.

Personally we feel that NCC should be compulsory for every student as it makes the student more familiar with a disciplined life. In our schools, teachers never force discipline onto students. NCC would also make them learn how to manage on your own when you are away from parents.

The main objective of starting NCC training in schools is to give the youth an opportunity to experience the military life. It’s crucial to train them early in school and make them strong physically, healthy and well-prepared for any war-like situation.



The rules and regulations for management of Mess have been framed for the smooth functioning of it. All the hostel residents are requested to cooperate with committee members for their efficient enforcement. The hostel management reserves the right to revise the rules and regulations from time to time and will keep the hostel residents informed of any changes in the form of notices on the hostel notice board. Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse

Creating avenues for students in the world today are not a difficult task but challenging, knowing that learning is actually acquired not taught and supporting the theory of having students under observation and care throughout the day.

Living Life in Hostel

There are many reasons to go to boarding school. The academics, the athletics and the extracurricular activities are just a few considerations. Taking a lot of little steps towards maturity is one of the intangibles of going to boarding school.

Boarding school students can focus better on their studies because television, video games, phones and other distractors are limited. These young scholars usually perform better academically because they live in an environment that is conducive to learning.

Mess Hall

In the menu, changes are made as the seasons change consulting the Nutrition and Diet Experts. The likings and tastes of the students are also taken in to consideration in deciding the menu for every season.

The Newly Constructed Mess has Dining Halls where more than 50 students sit and have meals at a time

The rules and regulations for management of Mess have been framed for the smooth functioning of it. All the hostel residents are requested to cooperate with committee members for their efficient enforcement. The hostel management reserves the right to revise the rules and regulations from time to time and will keep the hostel residents informed of any changes in the form of notices on the hostel notice board. Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse.

Medical Facilities 

Sanskar International Public School boarding house has an Infirmary to take care of primary health care needs of the children. The medical staff regularly visits in the campus to attend to the children at any odd hours. The school also has a tie-up with a renowned multi-specialty hospitals and Doctors


Transport facilities are extended to all students on payment. Students residing within a radius of 30km from the school are provided school transport against cost sharing basis

Academic Development

School Info

School House

1. Ashoka House

2. Raman House

3. Shivaji House

4. Tagore House

School Norms

  • NAMASKAR is the formal greeting encouraged.
  • Uniform is mandatory and a clean and neat disposition ia a must for all.
  • Late comers are not entertained.
  • A student should carry his diary and identity card to the school everyday.
  • Cell phone and I-pods are totally banned in school premises.
  • Valueable articles are not to be brought
  • Parents are suggested to meet the Principal on Wednesday and Saturday with prior appointment only.
  • Bursting of crackers, playing with colours /damaging school properties/indulging with fights with seniors And juniors etc- is liable to lead to expulsion of a student from the school.
  • Buying and Eating from hawkers outside the school is strictly forbidden.
  • No books other than the text on Library books be brought to school.
  • Student must not indulge in any rude behavior or violence in any form.

School Timing


8:00 AM to 2:00 PM


9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


10:00 AM to 11:00 AM


10:00 AM to 12:00 NOON

School Uniforms

The school uniform is a discipline in itself and should be adhered to strictly. The set pattern and colour should be correctly followed.

Uniform for Winter Uniform for Summer
For Boys
Brown shirt, Pants, Pullover/Blazer, Brown Socks with Red Bands, Belt, Black Shoes, White Shoes.
For Boys
Brown shirt, T-shirt, Pant/Shorts, Brown Socks with Red Band, Black Shoes, White Shoes, School Belt.
For Girls
Skirts, Short/Tunic Pullover/Blazer, Black Shoes, White Shoes, Brown Socks with Red Bands, School Belt.
For Girls
Skirts, Shirt, Tunic, Red Ribbon, White Ribbon, Black Shoes, White Shoes, T-Shirt, School Belt.

Note:- Jersey is compulsory for all, however sweater and blazer can be worn by boys and girls when conditions required.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:- To infuse its students with high standards of academic scholarship, veracity, leadership, and responsible global citizenship by providing an innocuous and therapeutic environment and by keeping its students abreast with the latest trends of teaching methodologies along with traditional values indispensable for holistic development.

Blend of Values, Knowledge and Quest for Quality and Excellence:

  • To develop fluency in the use of English language; to foster enjoyment of all the processes of communication: oral, written and visual.
  • To recognize and to encourage talent of all kinds and of all degrees and to endeavour to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of individuals.
  • To illustrate the inter-relationship of all human knowledge, to cultivate an appreciation of man’s creative skills, and to stimulate a concept of learning as a life-long process.
  • To pay particular attention to:
    1. Stimulating intellectual curiosity.
    2. Directing and exercising the emotions and develop emotional intelligence.
    3. Encouraging clear thinking and discrimination.
    4. Developing an interest in the process and resources of learning, how to learn.
    5. Fostering capacity to tackle a problem.
  • To enable children to acquire the tools and qualifications necessary for earning their living and to become self-reliant.
  • To seek and measure the extent of an individual’s success in making maximum use of one’s endowments and opportunities.





Annual Function


Educational Tours and Visits

Annual Award

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